Brigade Sidescan Ultrasonic Detection System

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Brigade Sidescan Ultrasonic Detection System

Commercial vehicles, trucks, trailers, tractors, buses and coaches

| 70mph
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Brigade Sidescan 10m Cable for Articulated Vehicles


Brigade Frontscan Detection System


Brigade 4.5m Extension Lead

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Reccomended additional Sidescan sensor for the cab in an articulated vehicle.
4 x sensors
1 x Buzzer
4 x 0° flush mount fixings
4 x 11° flush mount fixings
4 x underslung fixings
1 x Waterproof control box
1 x 10m buzzer cable
4 x 4.5m sensor cables
2 x 2.5m extension cables


4 sensor system
1.0/1.5m detection range (selectable via dip switch)
Audible distance warning
Underslung and flush-mount fixings
2 levels of sensitivity (selectable via dip switch)
Obstacles detected in under 200 milliseconds
Buzzer with audible distance warning, LED & adjustable volume control
Buzzer will silence if there is no movement from detected object or vehicle
50cm compensation range for sensors fitted inboard of vehicle rear (selectable via dip switch)
Environment Learning Mode prevents false alarms from tow-hooks and other ancillary equipment that intrudes in the first 100cm of the detection zone
Self-diagnostic function
Approvals: CE marked, E-marked: UNECE R10 compliant, FCC Approved
Testing: sensors IP68, control box IP69K

Alternatives / Accessories

In order to install in articulated trucks, a 10m display cable is also required. Please click HERE to view. Please also consider a TS-001ECU turn indicator trigger and a second SS-4100W sensor system for the cab.

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