Quality Products From Farm to Road

Machinery, vehicles and tractors used on farms are often used on roads as well. UKAP offer a wide range of lighting solutions designed for farm to road use. Popular products include front, rear and side marker lamps, light bars, beacons and work lamps.

The nature of agricultural work decrees that high powered work lamps and flood beams need to operate in very low light levels. We can manufacture agricultural vehicle and tractor wiring kits to include lighting to any specification. The over moulded plugs and pins are perfect for adverse weather conditions often associated with the farming industry.agriculture.jpg

HID vs. LED tractor lights

Our range of high powered HID and LED lights are suitable for agricultural vehicles and tractors. There are a variety of options available to ensure vehicles are seen in dark and adverse conditions. HID (high intensity discharge) lamps are three time brighter than traditional halogen bulbs and consume less power. HID tractor lights are great when working at night or in dark conditions. LED (light emitting diode) work lamps produce a crisper bright white light which is the closest to daylight.

Using LED technology reduces the wasted energy and power consumption of the lamp. LED work lamps have a wider range and shine further than bulb lamps. UKAP can work to most specifications when developing full kits for farm tractors and agricultural vehicle lighting including wiring looms that are super-sealed to stop any foreign objects getting into the lamp.