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As ships and boats rely ever more heavily on electrical systems, the metal components that allow these systems to run need to be protected from rust and corrosion. Our cable protection products including heat shrink tubing, conduit and electrical tape are ideal for any electrical job, from installation to repair.

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Small companies are the backbone of the leisure marine industry. As a small family run business ourselves, we pride ourselves on our personal service while still maintaining stock levels to rival much bigger suppliers. 

From batteries to cable, we have everything in stock that you could need for your marine or boat bulding operation. If you don't see the product you need on our website, please contact us. We have additional products in stock on our trade counter, and we would be happy to look into sourcing products for you from our supply partners.

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Batteries and battery accessories

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Heatshrink packs and reels

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Alternators and relay motors

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Cable ties and cable management

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Leisure and marine batteries

Numax XV range are dual purpose starting/auxiliary deep cycle batteries. They are built to the very highest specification to cope with the electrical demands of the leisure and marine industry. This range is the number one battery for the leisure and marine battery thanks to their quality, reliability and durability. Thanks to their state-of-the-art plate design, semi-traction paste, envelope construction and gas recombination technology, these batteries can be relied upon to outlast conventional flooded batteries.

These batteries are perfectly suited for a variety of marine and leisure applications including yachts, boats, caravans and motor homes. Please contact us for more information.