Marker Lights

UK Automotive Products is a leading distributor of products from popular LED interior lights manufacturers in the UK. We have partnerships with Truck-Lite, Perei and JW Speaker among many others. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. UK Automotive Products is a leading distributor of products from popular LED marker lights manufacturers in the UK. We have partnerships with Truck-Lite, Perei and JW Speaker among many others. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


What are clearance and marker lights?

LED marker lights, along with the other lights on your cab and trailer, are essential for the visibility of your vehicle. Collectively, the truck lights on your vehicle are there to alert other drivers to both your presence and your intentions. Marker lights are positioned along the perimeter of the vehicle to demonstrate a vehicles overall length, road position and direction of travel.

Clearance and truck lights are controlled by official regulations.

LED lighting is now ubiquitous in the lighting industry thanks in part to the ban on halogen lights (2016) and also the incredible versatility of the technology.

LED stands for light emitting diode. When a current passes through the semiconductor in the light, it emits visible light in a process called electroluminescence. In comparison, halogen lamps run a current through a filament which is prone to breaking due to overheating. The lifespan of an average halogen bulb is approximately 2,000 to 4,000 hours, whereas an LED lamp is vastly superior at 15,000 to 50,000 hours.

Modern day LED lights far outstrip previous generations of lighting. They are long-lasting, energy efficient and more durable than any other source of lighting. They are particularly suited to the requirements of LED marker lights as they have a low energy expenditure and can function equally well in cold conditions. They reach full brightness instantly, are shock and vibration proof and can withstand frequent switching; qualities that make LED lights perfect for indicators and marker lights on vehicles.

What colour do truck lights need to be?

The colours on the light bars for trucks are specific to the position on the vehicle. It must be consistent with other lorries so other road users will recognise which colour relates to which side of the vehicle so they can orientate it even in situations with reduced or poor visibility.

Clear lights are reserved for the front of the vehicle. Red lights are used at the back of the trailer so that vehicles following the lorry can tell how far away it is. These two lights serve an additional purpose; to show how wide a vehicle is. This is especially important for vehicles with abnormally large loads. In contrast, amber lights are stationed along the length of both sides of the trailer so other road users can judge how long the vehicle is.

Do I need marker lights?

The installation of marker lights on vehicles is governed by the Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989 and ECE regulation 48.

How many lights you need and the position of those lights is determined by the overall length and width of your trailer. Two front clearance lights are required for trailer lights > 2.1m wide whereas a front position light is required for truck trailers > 1.6m wide.

Please be sure to check the relevant regulations for your lorry before installing or modifying any lights on your vehicle.

How do you wire LED marker lights?

Generally speaking, the best way to connect up an LED marker light is using a superseal connector. This can either be built into the back of the light or connected into a harness system using a short cable. It is important to consider where and how the light will connect into your electrical harness so you can determine whether it needs a male or female connector.

One of the easiest ways to install marker lights is using our cable kits. They include a plug and play harness system to allow you to quickly and easily install the marker lights on your vehicle without the need for hardwiring. With some key pieces of information about your vehicle and requirements, we can suggest a kit that will contain everything you need for your specific configuration. Alternatively, if you require something unusual or bespoke, we can create a new kit especially for your application. All of our harnesses are made with the highest quality materials and fixings so they will not need to be disturbed once they have been installed.

What material are light bars for trucks made from?

The two main materials for the construction of marker lights are polycarbonate and acrylic. Although it is more expensive, polycarbonate is considered by most to be the superior quality material for long-lasting, hardwearing lights. Acrylic lights are a great cost-effective alternative that is weather proof and hardwearing. Acrylic is sometimes referred to by its chemical reference, PMMA (Poly methyl methacrylate).

Acrylic and polycarbonate are the most popular clear plastics. They are both comparable to glass in terms of clarity, with the transmission rate of the three materials being 92% (acrylic), 90% (glass) and 88% (polycarbonate). They both offer multiple benefits when compared to glass and other traditional materials. Acrylic has 10 times the impact resistance of glass and polycarbonate is a whopping 250 times better. This means that acrylic is more likely to chip than polycarbonate lights. If they break, both plastics are shatterproof, so they will break into less harmful shards than glass. Both materials are weather resistant and can expand and contract with temperature changes without permanent damage.

Polycarbonate lights tend to be slightly more expensive thanks to their superior strength and resilience. They are often coated to improve their resistance to UV, abrasion and chemicals. It is nevertheless recommended that they are cleaned using a mild detergent and to avoid exposure to harsh chemicals as this can still cause cracking of the lens over time.

Our most popular marker light with a polycarbonate lens is the 890/23/08 light from Truck-Lite. This light is a multivolt 12v-24v amber side marker light and is found on many vehicles on UK roads.

Acrylic lights offer fantastic value for money and are often used thanks to their weather resistance and clarity. Perei marker lights are often constructed using acrylic. For example, the Perei’s SM18 marker lights are made from PMMA, which is another name for acrylic. UK Automotive only provide the highest quality products.


Additional Frequently Asked Questions

What voltage are LED lighting truck markers in the UK?

One of the things you must consider before buying safety lights is the voltage of your vehicle. In the UK, lorry voltages are either 12 or 24 volt. Although some lights are available in 12v or 24v only, most are available as a multivolt light which can vary between 12v and 24v or even 9v and 33v.

The FM50W is a Perei marker light that runs at 9-33 volts. This dual voltage light is a cost-effective but reliable option to suit all lighting arrays. See them here.