Truck-Lite TL/34 LED Marker Lamp

TL/34 Truck-Lite LED Marker Lamps

Part No.Description
34200A24V Side Marker Lamp 0.5m
34200C24V Front Marker Lamp 0.5m
34200R24V Rear Marker Lamp 0.5m
34201A12V Side Marker Lamp 0.5m
34201C12V Front Marker Lamp 0.5m
34201R12V Rear Marker Lamp 0.5m
34202A24V Side Marker Lamp 0.220m
34202C24V Front Marker Lamp 0.220m
34202R24V Rear Market Lamp 0.220m
34505C24V Front Marker Lamp SS 0.220m
34505R24V Rear Marker Lamp SS 0.220m
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TL/34 Truck-Lite LED Marker Lamp


Truck-Lite’s smallest ‘E’ approved LED side, rear and front markers come in 12 and 24 volts with a variety of harness lengths to suit all commercial vehicles. TL/34 can be fitted to trucks, trailers, agricultural and utility vehicles and buses.


The TL/34 range combines the advantages of LED technology, utilising their long-life properties and small size with a robust rubber grommet to produce a reliable and clearly defined light. Due to it’s small size these marker lamps can be installed in any place and the use of LED diodes means the lamp life is extended up to 600 hours compared to a traditional bulb lamp.


We supply a wide range of side, rear and front markers including LED and traditional bulb variants, for more information please see our signal lighting page.


Truck-Lite provide a 2 year warranty across this range.

For more information on which signal lighting range to choose for your commercial vehicle please contact our sales team on 01543 270270 or fill in our short form.