Truck-Lite TL/13 Marker Lamp

TL/13 Truck-Lite Marker Lamp

Part No.Description
13001C-4Front Marker Lamp 24V
13001G-4ABS Marker Lamp 24V
13001R-4Rear Marker Lamp 24V
13001Y-4Side Marker Lamp 24V
13011CFront Marker Lamp 12V
13011RRear Marker Lamp 12V
13011YSide Marker Lamp 12V
13200CFront Marker Lamp Reflex 24V
13200GABS Marker Lamp 24V
13200RRear Marker Lamp Reflex 24V
13200YSide Marker Lamp Reflex 24V
13100Vertical Mounting Bracket
13101Horizontal Mounting Bracket
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TL/13 Truck-Lite Marker Lamp


Traditional bulb signal lamps used for the following functions: side, front, rear and ABS marker lamps including one bulb and available in 12 and 24 volt options. These lamps can be fitted to trucks, trailers, tractors and buses.


Small and compact range of marker lamps designed to stand out on the road and at night time.

Dimensions: 106.7 (W) x 42.4 (H) x 57.2 (D) mm.


We supply a wide range of signal lighting which can be viewed here.


Truck-Lite provide a 12 month warranty on this range.

If you would like to speak to someone about this product then please contact us on 01543 270270.