Truck-Lite TL/30 LED Marker Lamp

TL/30 Truck-Lite Marker Lamp

Part No.Description
30065R-410-30V Rear Marker Lamp Flush/MC Plug
30065Y-410-30V Side Marker Lamp Flush/MC Plug
30093R-410-30V Rear Marker Lamp Grommet/MC Plug
30093Y-410-30V Side Marker Lamp Grommet/MC Plug
30206Y24V Bulb Side Marker Lamp Fit Forget
30262R10-30V Rear Marker Lamp Surface/Fit Forget
30273R10-30V Rear Marker Lamp Fit Forget
30273Y10-30V Side Marker Lamp Fit Forget
30286R12V Flashing Marker Lamp Fit Forget
30401Grommet Mount Kit
94609PGTL M/C LED 10 Inch
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Trucklite 12MONTHS 2years

TL/30 Truck-Lite Marker Lamp


Red and amber LED and bulb marker lamps with a variety or bolt options, connectors and voltages and can be fitted to a range of commercial vehicles including trucks, trailers, tractors and buses.


The TL/30 range of lamps can be mounted using a flush mount, grommet or surface mount to give you the flexibility of choice and is available in bulb and LED options. With the connectors you can choose from M/C plug and fit and forget dependent on your preference.

Dimensions: 51 (H) x 51 (W) x 34.7 (D) mm.


UK Automotive Products offer a wide range of alternatives to this range manufactured by many different suppliers for more information please visit our signal lamps page.


Truck-Lite provide a 2 year warranty on this product.

To find out which signal lighting range would suit your vehicle please contact our sales team on 01543 270270.