Britax 428.104 Outline Marker Lamp

Britax 428.104 Outline Marker

Part No.Description
428.104.12V12V End Outline Marker Lamp
428.104.24V24V End Outline Marker Lamp
L20712V Bulb
L14924V Bulb
L428.12VLED 12V End Outline Marker Lamp
L428.24VLED 24V End Outline Marker Lamp
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Britax 2years

Britax 428.104 Outline Marker


Britax 428 end outline front and rear marker lamps in 12 and 24 volt options and can be fitted to light and heavy trucks and trailers, utility and fleet vehicles.


Britax 428 outline marker lamps available with a red or uncoloured lens and a strong black base to be used as front and rear markers. This range are easy to fit with just 2 screws and meets ECE and TUV approval levels.

Dimensions: 94 (W) x 81 (H) x 83 (D) mm.


Model 129 by Rubbolite could be used as an alternative to this lamp.


Britax PMG provide a 2 year warranty on this range.

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