Brigade Speaking Left Turn Alarm

Brigade Speaking Left Turn Alarm Slide Image
Brigade Speaking Left Turn Alarm
Commercial vehicles, trucks, trailers, tractors, buses and coaches | 70mph
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Alert pedestrians, cyclists and other road users of your intention to turn left. The alarm operates at 90db and speaks the message “Ssh! Caution. Truck turning left...”.
Please note: a TS-001ECU turn indicator trigger is required to operate this alarm. Please click HERE to view it.


Real speech alarm
Message “Ssh! Caution. Truck turning left...”
Sounder unit: Speaker
Hole centres (mm): 102
Voltage Rating: 12-24Vdc
Current: 0.5 Amps
Approvals: IP68, CE marked, E-Marked: UNECE R10 compliant.


L 122 x H 84 x D 50mm