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Military Vehicle Lighting

Over the past 10 years UKAP have worked closely with the military to develop a range of durable vehicle lighting suitable within the UK and US. We have completed the ISO 9001 certification to meet military standard to ensure the quality of our products. UKAP have been authorised as approved suppliers for the US and UK MoD.

Surviving the toughest conditions

All our military vehicle lighting systems are rigorously tested to meet military standards. Every component from lights to wires are designed to withstand the toughest military environments, extreme varying temperatures and harsh conditions. It is because of the use of LED technology that our lighting products are durable, powerful, long lasting and maintenance free. LED diodes shine brighter and reach further than traditional halogen bulbs; perfect for use at night and in adverse conditions. They also reduce wasted energy and lower power consumption.

Each armoured and military vehicle lighting kit is manufactured according to the client specification using our bespoke detailed technical drawings. Popular military vehicles we have worked on include the Wolfhound, Mastiff and Foxhound. UKAP offer new build and retrofit products to suit both LED and bulb vehicles. We work with the military to offer an upgrade service on current vehicles.

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