Rubbolite Model 645 Number Plate Lamp

Model 645 Rubbolite Number Plate Reg Holder
Part No.Description
645/01/00Number Plate Lamp Holder
645/134/1324V Number Plate Lamp Flying Lead 2.3m
645/134/2424V Number Plate Lamp SSM 2.0m
645/833/1312/24V LED Number Plate Lamp Flying Lead 2.3m

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Rubbolite 2years

Model 645 Rubbolite Numberplate Lamp


This Rubbolite M645 number plate lamp and holder can be purchased in both lamp and LED versions and covers all vehicles as you can choose from 12 and 24 volt options. This number plate lamp can be fitted to trucks and trailers.


The versatility of this lamp is one of it’s key benefits it can be used as a trailer plate, number plate lamp and registration holder. As it is available in lamp and LED it can be used to replace or retrofit vehicles. Both flying lead and super seal connectors are available as well as harnesses between 2.0 and 2.3 meters.

Dimensions: 392 (W) x 254 (H) x 66 (D) mm.


We offer a wide range of alternatives to this number plate Lamp and holder can be found here.


Truck-Lite offer a 2 year warranty on this product. For further information please fill in our short form.