Rubbolite Model 56 Work Lamp

Rubbolite M56 Work Lamp

Part No.Description
56/01/01Clear Work Lamp
56/02/01Clear Reverse Lamp
56/03/01Red Fog Lamp
56/04/01Amber Work Lamp
56/07/00Clear Work Lamp
3441AClear Work Lens Reflector
5488Clear Reverse Lens Reflector
3443ARed Fog Lens Reflector
3512Amber Work Lens Reflector
7806Clear Work Lens Reflector
3554Clear Work Lens
3556Amber Work Lens
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Rubbolite  12MONTHS

Rubbolite M56 Work Lamp


Rubbolite Model 56 traditional bulb lamp that can be used as a work, reverse or fog lamp. Model 56 can be fitted to trucks, trailers, off road tractors and material handling vehicles.


Rubbolite’s Model 56 is 150mm in diameter and comes complete with a wiring harness 200-220mm long and a flying lead connector. Model 56 can be ordered with a double or single pole dependent on the application. There are different versions of the lamp and some comply with legislation and can be used in a reverse lamp function. The housing unit is made from hard-wearing rubber and is durable.

Dimensions: 148 (Di) x 110 (D) mm.


Model 56 is available with a clear, red or amber lens. If you would like an LED work lamp UKAP recommends 171001.


Rubbolite provide a 1 year warranty with this lamp.

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