MAN Wiring Harness Kit

MAN Wiring Harness Kit

Part No.Description
16208MAN TGL 220 Rear Wiring Harness
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UKAP  2years


Rear marker wiring harness kit designed to fit the MAN TGL 220 chassis. Each MAN wiring harness kit comes with two LED rear marker lamps, a specially manufactured T piece and a busbar. All of the connectors are overmoulded and supersealed.


As standard all of our MAN wiring harness kits come IP rated to IP67. This stops any water or dirt ingress affecting the performance of the electrical wires housed within. All our connectors are supersealed and have been overmoulded to further prevent ingress. Our recommended LED rear markers are approved to conform with European Whole Vehicle Type Approval. All our MAN wiring harness kits come complete with a bill of materials, approval numbers and E approval documents are available at our customers request.


UKAP always recommend where possible using LED marker lamps within all MAN wiring harness kits. If you have a particular lamp you would like to use within our kits we can replace our recommended lamps upon request. Our preferred lamps are manufactured by Rubbolite. We have a whole range of vehicle wiring harnesses that suit a variety of chassis types and manufacturers. We can also design customer specific harnesses based on your specification.


All our MAN harness kits come with a two year warranty.

To submit a specification or find out more about wiring harness kits for certain vehicles please contact our technical team on 01543 270270.

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