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We have over 150 cable harnesses for standard chassis, with countless others designed for specific builds. Bodybuilders often work with our highly knowledgeable team to create bespoke solutions to suit their builds, whether it is for a temperature controlled vehicle or a pick-up truck. Typically our automotive wiring harness kits contain side markers and looms, but often we include high level brake lamps, rear and front markers, number plate lamps and reverse alarms.

“We are incredibly proud of our reputation for quality, easy to use products. Engineers can fit our harnesses quickly and effortlessly, safe in the knowledge that our reliable products and secure connections will not fail”

Our harnesses are made in a purpose built manufacturing facility, which boasts state of the art technology and a commitment to continuous investment in machinery. Harnesses and cable assemblies undergo vigorous quality testing using a 100% computerised testing process.

See if our harnesses would be a good fit for your business.

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More time

Our “plug and play” technology is quick and easy to install, freeing up engineers to work on more specialised jobs.

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More profit

Provide your customers with a fast turnaround without compromising on quality.

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More flexible

Do you have an unusual or specific requirement? Thanks to our strong supply chain we can work with you to find the products and develop the system that suits your needs.

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More personal

Our personal service is one of the many reasons our customers enjoy dealing with us. Let us know your requirements and we’ll be happy to help.

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More protection

All of the products, cables and seals in our harnesses are IP rated to protect against moisture and particulate ingress.

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More reliable

Our extensive testing ensures that only the best quality products leave our factory.

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