How can UKAP help you with Whole Vehicle Type Approval?

Following on from the final stage phase in of Whole Vehicle Type Approval, UKAP have been supporting our clients with the relevant documentation.

We realise the importance of complying with the new and existing directives associated with Whole Vehicle Type Approval. All the lamps we stock are from the leading manufacturers and therefore are stamped with the e-mark. The e-mark is the a safety certification in accordance with the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE). All members of the EU have a specific e-mark certificate, ours in the UK is e-11. When obtaining the e-mark each lamp is subjected to rigorous testing by an independent centre. By bearing this mark you can be assured our lamps have undergone this testing process.


During the months leading up to and following the final phase in we have been on hand to help our clients. In fact one of our body builders was the first in the UK to become Type Approved. UKAP provide the following:


Kit drawings – all our kits come complete with a technical drawing and bill of materials. The BoM has all the relevant approval numbers for the lamps and the electrical wiring.

Approval documents – each lamp has a specific approval e-mark number provided by the VCA. Upon request we will provide you with the relevant documents.

Folders – if you purchase a wide range of wiring harness kits from UKAP we can provide you with a kit folder which is regularly updated. Please contact your rep for more information.


If you need any documentation sending to you then please contact the sales office on 01543 270270 or send an email to