The UK Automotive Car Battery Guide

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How can you tell if your battery needs replacing?

 How do you tell the difference between a battery that needs charging and one that needs replacing? In most cars, a dashboard warning light will illuminate to inform you of a problem. If the car takes longer to start than usual, this is likely to be a problem with the battery. Don’t ignore this – you will only get one or two warnings of this kind before the battery completely dies. If you hear clicking when the key turns and the engine fails to start, the engine is not getting enough power to start at all. If the battery goes flat soon after a full charge, then it is likely time to replace it.

With that being said, some problems that appear to be the battery may in fact be caused by faulty connections, wiring or the alternator.

What sort of battery do I need?

As long as you know your vehicle reg, we can find the battery you need. If you don’t have your reg, we can find one based on some details about your car, such as the make and model. The batteries that we stock are some of the highest quality on the market.

How much does a new car battery cost?

Our battery prices are very competitive and we often come in cheaper than Halfords and other big retailers. We stock some of the highest quality car batteries from well known and respected brands – we won’t try and sell you a battery that won’t last. We also offer a 3-4 year warranty (depending on type of battery) for added peace of mind.

Where can I buy a car battery locally?

UK Automotive has a trade counter at our distribution centre in Cannock. Feel free to pop in and Mark will be happy to help you find the correct battery for your vehicle. We have plenty of free parking and we’re happy for you to use our car park while you fit your battery. Alternatively, we have good relationships with garages in the local area and we would be happy to recommend one if you need someone to fit the battery for you.