March 2014 – Choosing the right light bar for you

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Light bars are an important part of auxiliary emergency vehicle lighting and choosing the right light bar for your vehicle is a necessity.  UKAP stock light bars from a range of leading manufacturers including Britax and Vision Alert.

Light bars are available with a variety of options for you to choosBritax Aerolite 1500 Series Light Bare from:

Rotating – 360⁰ rotation with a static halogen bulb and reflector.
Xenon – strobe modules with a high concentrate beam.
LED – high performance lights with a low power consumption and longer life.
Fixings – for a temporary solution magnetic fixing 420mm light bars are available with speed restrictions and single bolt fixing for a permanent fix.
Length – light bars can vary in length from 420mm all the way to 1500mm. It is recommended that 420mm light bars are suitable for cars, 420 -1000mm for vans and light commercial vehicles and 1000 – 1500mm are suitable for heavy commercial vehicles.
Sign plates – various words are available including tow, gritting, highway maintenance. This can also be personalised and built to order.

UKAP have developed a range of vehicle lighting kits and wiring harnesses which include light bars. For more information or to give your specification please contact our sales team on 01543 270270 or email