Reversing Systems

Why install a camera system?

Gemineye K700B Camera System

Remove blind spots, reduce accidents and stop vehicle damage – here are just a few reasons why. Over the past five years more and more large companies are making the decision to add camera systems to trucks and trailers. This is in an effort to combat the extended length and […] Read more »

Reducing Accidents on the Road

Remove blind spots and make the roads safer 08/01/2015 Although there are a wide variety of products on the market designed to reduce the amount of collisions and accidents on the road the number is still high. In particular the number of cyclist and pedestrian fatalities is increasing. There are […] Read more »

360 Degree Camera System

Backeye 360 Degree Camera System

  All new 360 degree camera systems now available 26/11/2014 UKAP pride ourselves on being up to date with new technologies and products on the market. Especially products that help to reduce collisions and accidents. The 360 degree camera systems cover the vehicle from all angles. Each kit comes with […] Read more »

Reversing alarms for vehicles at work

Brigade Back Chat Speaking Alarm

 Nearly a quarter of all deaths at work are caused by vehicles reversing and can easily be avoided using reversing alarms – simply follow our steps below. 1. Reversing areas need to be clearly planned and marked out 2. Consider putting in a one way system to avoid the need […] Read more »