Over Moulding

Around 6 years ago UKAP invested in state of the art over moulding machinery. We can apply over moulding to all wiring harnesses that contain electrical wiring. The wires are hermetically sealed within the plastic casing to stop any water or dust ingress. Not only does this lengthen the life of the product but using wiring harnesses stops the need to drill into the chassis of the truck. Over moulding connectors are especially used within automotive lighting kits and military kits where they are often in adverse conditions. The beauty of having over mould injection equipment is the output volume can be up to 10, 000 a day.

Over moulding can be applied to a range of processes including T pieces, Y pieces, male and female connectors and lighting units. If you would like to find out more about building your own automotive lighting kit or you have a specific request please contact our technical team on 01543 270270 or fill in our short form.

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Over Moulding Image