Rear Lamps

Rear lamps are a great way to make your vehicle stand out from others on the road. Our range includes some unusual LED formations, new shapes and traditional hamburger lamps. We stock a range of single and combination function lamps. This range of rear lamps really allows you to brand your vehicles with lighting that is unique to you. When managing a fleet appearance is really important – our combinations allow you to create a brand.

You can choose your preferred function combinations that include:

  • Direction indicator
  • Fog
  • Stop/ Tail
  • Reverse
  • Number Plate Lamp
  • Left and Right Hands

There are a whole range of options available including 12 and 24 volts, bulb and LED and the option to build into wiring harnesses. Although we stock bulb rear lamps we recommend LED lamps – on new builds and retrofits. The technology used within them means they last longer, have a brighter beam and consume less energy.

Multiple applications

Rear lamps can be designed to be fitted to trucks, trailers, buses, agricultural and industrial vehicles and can also be built into wiring harness kits built to your specification. UKAP supply rear lamps manufactured by Truck-Lite, Rubbolite and Perei. For more information about our rear lamps please call 01543 270270 or fill in our enquiry form and we’ll get back to you.

Browse our range of rear lamps below.