Vision Alert 60 Series Light Bar 742mm

65 Series Vision Alert Light Bar

Part No.Description
6F2.3A0112V 2 Xenon Light Bar
6F2.3A0224V 2 Xenon Light Bar
602.3A0112V 2 Rotator Light Bar
602.3A0224V 2 Rotator Light Bar
60-00425-V12V Halo LED Light Bar
60-00466-V24V Halo LED Light Bar
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Vision Alert  2years

60 series amber 742


Vision Alert mid profile aerodynamic styled light bar with Xenon, rotators or Halo LED’s lighting options available with a selectable dual voltage of 12 or 24 volt. This 570mm light bar is suitable for commercial, utility and fleet applications.


This version of the 60 series light bar is 742mm (29″)  in length and has the option of 2 Xenon, 2 rotators or Halo LED modules for higher intensity light concentration. A sturdy aluminium base and toughened polycarbonate lens come as standard within the range from Vision Alert to ensure the durability of the light bar. The free form design of the light bar ensures that the light is distributed evenly over larger areas to increase the light output by 20%. This light bar range is EMC and ECE R65 approved.


The following bespoke options are available for the 70 series Vision Alert light bars:

  • Work lights and VigiLED’s
  • Alley lights
  • Stop, tail and indicator lights
  • Centre illumination
  • Signage on request
  • Clear and coloured lens options

If you require options that aren’t listed above please contact us.


Vision Alert (part of the ECCO Group) offer a 2 year warranty across the whole of the 60 Series range

To speak to someone about your specification please contact our sales team on 01543 270270 or fill in this short form.