Truck-Lite TL/45 LED Rear Lamp

TL/45 Truck-Lite LED Multifunction Rear Lamp

Part No.Description
4530024V Stop/Tail Indicator & Reverse RH
4530124V Stop/Tail Indicator & Fog LH
4530224V Stop/Tail Indicator & Fog RH
4530324V Stop/Tail Indicator & Reverse LH
4530424V 2 Stop/Tail & 1 Indicator LH
4530524V 2 Stop/Tail & 1 Indicator RH
4531012V Stop/Tail Indicator & Reverse RH
4531112V Stop/Tail Indicator & Fog LH
4531212V Stop/Tail Indicator & Fog RH
4531312V Stop/Tail Indicator & Reverse LH
4531412V 2 Stop/Tail & 1 Indicator LH
4531512V 2 Stop/Tail & 1 Indicator RH
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Trucklite 2years

TL/45 Truck-Lite LED Multifunction Rear Lamp


Truck-Lite TL/45 rectangular LED and bulb multifunctional rear lamp is available in both 12 and 24 volt versions. With single functions and combinations to be fitted to a wide range of trucks, trailers, military vehicles, waste and plant and specialist.


Truck-Lite TL/45 is one of the most popular ranges of LED rear lamps on the market. The range of single functions includes: reverse, stop/tail, fog, left and right hand direction indicators. These single function lights can be combined to make a really versatile multifunction rear combination lamp. Using LED diodes within the lamp extends the life by 600 times compared to bulb, has an increased concentration of LED’s create a more defined illumination and reduces the amount of power consumption. The LED versions of the Trcuk-Lite TL/45 are easy to retrofit to bulbs as they have the same recess footprint.

Dimensions: dependant on the size of the pod.


Accessories for this Truck-Lite product include mounting brackets and grommets. We have a wide range of rear lamps with different shapes and combinations here.


Truck-Lite offer a 2 year warranty with these products.

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