Truck-Lite TL/35 LED Marker Lamp

TL/35 Truck-Lite LED Marker Lamp

Part No.Description
35004R-410-30V Rear Marker Lamp Fit/Forget Plug
35007Y-412V Side Marker Lamp M/C Plug
35009Y-424V Side Marker Lamp M/C Plug
35200R12V Rear Marker Lamp
35207Y-412V Side Marker Lamp M/C Plug
35209Y-424V Side Marker Lamp M/C Plug
35890R10/30V Rear Marker Lamp
35894R12/24V Rear Marker Lamp
35720-4Bracket Kit
94888Fit/Forget Harness
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Trucklite 2years

TL/35 Truck-Lite LED Marker Lamp


LED side and rear marker lamps available in 12, 24 and variable voltages suitable to be fitted to all types of commercial vehicles including trucks, trailers, utility and buses.


TL/35 features brightly coloured red and amber lenses to ensure they stand out on the road and in adverse conditions with a variety of connectors including M/C plug and fit/forget plug. Using LED technology reduces the need to replace lamps because of extended diode life, low power consumption and draw to the lamp.

Dimensions: 101.6 (W) x 31.9 (H) mm.


Dependent on the style you prefer UK Automotive Products offer a wide range of marker lamps including the ever popular Model 890 range. All marker lamps can be built into wiring harness kits.


Truck-Lite provide a 2 year warranty on these products.

For more information on specifying a kit using these lamps please contact our sales team by filling in our short form.