Truck-Lite TL/10 Marker Lamp

TL/10 Truck-Lite Marker Lamp

Part No.Description
10202R-4Rear Marker Lamp 12V
10202Y-4Side Marker Lamp 12V
10204RRear Marker Lamp 24V
10204R-4Rear Marker Lamp 24V
10204YSide Marker Lamp 24V
10205RRear Marker Lamp 12V Reflex
10205Y-4Side Marker Lamp 12V Reflex
10208YSide Marker Lamp 12V
10256YLED Side Marker Lamp 12/24V
107002.5 Inch Grommet Open Back
10704Grommet 3 Inch Hole
10728Grey Mount
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Trucklite 12MONTHS 2years

TL/10 Truck-Lite Marker Lamp


Side and rear traditional sealed bulb marker lamps available in 12 and 24 volts with a LED variant. Complete with red and amber round lenses. This range of lamps will fit on trucks, trailers, tractors and buses.


TL/10 is available with a reflex option if required and comes with a choice of grey or black mounting grommet. 10256Y is a new addition to this range which uses LED technology to extend the life of the lamp and reduce the need for replacements.

Dimensions: 2.50 (W) x 2.50 (H) x 1.06 (D) inches.


An alternative to this lamp is TL/30 which is available in LED and bulb options.


Truck-Lite provide a 12 month warranty on the bulb versions and 2 year warranty on the LED version within this range.

To find out whether your vehicle would suit traditional or LED lighting please contact a member of our sales team by filling out this short form.