SL-09031 LED Work Lamp

SL-09031 LED Task Light

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SL-0903112/24V LED Task Light
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UKAP 3years

SL-09031 LED Task Light


Compact square high powered LED work light with an operating voltage of 9-32 volts with 270 lumen output. This lamp can be fitted to all types of commercial vehicles including agricultural, recovery, utility and fleet.


SL-09031 comes with a fully angle-adjustable mounting bracket and has a robust housing unit to ensure the safety of the lamp. Using LED technology within all four white LED diodes increases the brightness of the lamp and giving it a wide flood light pattern perfect during low visibility and adverse conditions. This work lamp is fully certified to ECE  approval levels and is IP rated to IP67 to stop water ingress to electrical wires.

Dimensions: 72 (W) x 72 (H) x 28 (D) mm.


Our range of work lamps includes square and rounded versions please click here.


UK Automotive Products offer a 3 year warranty on this work lamp.

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