Rubbolite Model 841 LED Stalk Lamp

Model 841 Rubbolite Combination LED Stalk Lamp

Part No.Description
841/01/0412/24V Stalk Lamp RH
841/01/0512/24V Stalk Lamp LH
841/01/1812/24V Stalk Lamp RH 4.0m
841/01/1912/24V Stalk Lamp LH 4.0m
841/03/0812/24V Stalk Lamp RH SS
841/03/0912/24V Stalk Lamp LH SS
841/61/0812/24V Stalk Lamp RH Click in Connector 0.5m
841/61/0912/24V Stalk Lamp LH Click in Connector 0.5m
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Rubbolite 2years

Model 841 Rubbolite Combination LED Stalk Lamp


Left and right hand combination LED stalk lamps with front, rear and side marker functions for fitting to light and heavy duty commercial vehicles, tractors and agricultural, buses and coaches.


LED combination marker lamp available with a choice of CE, super sealed or flying lead connectors with a 4 metre harness mounted vertically to vehicle. The use of LED technology increases the brightness of the lamp to ensure it is seen on the road whilst reducing the power consumption and lowering energy wastage.

Dimensions: 134 (W) x 100 (H) x 40 (D) mm.


For a horizontally mounted version please see Model 840.


Rubbolte provide a 2 year warranty on all the lamps within this range.

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