Rubbolite Model 840 LED Stalk Lamp

Model 840 Combination LED Stalk Lamp

Part No.Description
840/01/04RH 12/24V Stalk Lamp
840/01/05LH 12/24V Stalk Lamp
840/01/10RH 12/24V Stalk Lamp with 3.5m Lead
840/01/11LH 12/24V Stalk Lamp with 3.5m Lead
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Rubbolite 2years

Model 840 Combination LED Stalk Lamp


Right and left hand LED rear and side combination stalk lamps for fitting to heavy and light commercial vehicles, trailers, tractors and buses.


Using LED technology Model 840 reduces the amount of wasted energy and power consumption to the lamp whilst using diodes for increased brightness. This stalk lamp is available with a CE connector or a flying lead with a 3.5 metre lead and can be mounted horizontally.


For a vertically mounted stalk lamp please see Model 841.


Rubbolite provide a 2 year warranty with this product.

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