Rubbolite Model 838 Rear Combination ADR Lamp

Model 838 Rubbolite Multifunctional Rear Lamp

Part No.Description
838/11/0012/24V Stop/Tail LED Wired Connector
838/11/5012/24V Stop/Tail LED Deutsch Connector
838/12/0012/24V Direction Indicator LED Wired Connector
838/12/5012/24V Direction Indicator LED Deutsch Connector
838/13/0012/24V Fog LED Wired Connector
838/13/5012/24V Fog LED Deutsch Connector
838/14/0012/24V Reverse LED Wired Connector
838/14/5012/24V Reverse LED Deutsch Connector
838/15/0012/24V Stop/Tail/DI LED Wired Connector
838/15/5012/24V Stop/Tail/DI LED Deutsch Connector
838/17/0012/24V Fog/Reverse LED Wired Connector
838/17/5012/24V Fog/Reverse LED Deutsch Connector
838/18/0012/24V Stop/Tail LED Wired Connector Reflex
838/18/5012/24V Stop/Tail LED Deutsch Connector Reflex
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Rubbolite 2years

Model 838 Rubbolite Multifunctional Rear Lamp


The Model 838 Rubbolite range of LED lamps come in both single and multifunction rear lamps and are available in the following functions with a variety of combinations – rear, fog, direction indicator and stop/tail. All the lamps in the 838 range can be fitted to all forms of commercial vehicles including trucks, trailers, tractors, buses and coaches.


This LED range of rear lamps comes with a dual voltage system for both 12 and 24 volts and have two mounting options including screw mounted to housing and flange mounted. The slim profile of these lamps reduces the risk of damage on the road and are polarity protected for ease of wiring. The use of LED’s ensure low power consumption and reduces wasted energy and all lamps are fully sealed to reduce water damage. Approval levels are met for ECE and EMC. There are two options for connectors; pre wired and Deutsch connectors and the connector unit comply with ADR requirements.

Dimensions: 122 (Di) x 48 (D) mm.


For our full range of rear and combination lamps please visit our rear lamps page. A three way bezel pod is available for replacements along with leads and connectors.


Truck-Lite offer a 2 year warranty across this entire range.

For more information on upgrading to LED lighting please contact a member of our sales team.