Rubbolite Model 837 LED Rear Multifunctional Lamp

Model 837 Rubbolite Multifunctional LED Signal Lamp

Part No.Description
837/11/0012/24V Rear Stop/Tail Lamp
837/12/0012/24V Rear Direction Indicator Lamp
837/13/0012/24V Rear Fog Lamp
837/14/0012/24V Rear Reverse Lamp
837/15/0012/24V Rear Stop/Tail/DI Lamp
837/16/0012/24V Front DI
881621 Pod Bezel
881632 Pod Bezel
881642 Pod Bezel with Triangle
881653 Pod Bezel
881664 Pod Bezel
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Rubbolite 2years

Model 837 Rubbolite Multifunctional LED Signal Lamp


Rear combination signal lighting lamp with a range of functions including stop, tail, direction indicator and fog. All the lamps within this range are available in 12 and 24 volts which allows them to be used on a variety of different vehicles including trucks, trailers, utility and agricultural vehicles.


The 837 range uses a combination of LED technology and a slim profile to extend the life of the lamp and reduce breakages. The pods are available with space for up to 4 individual lamps and therefore allowing for a diverse functionality of the lamp including single and multifunction. With an option of surface or recess mount and a single core wire this product is simple and easy to wire and assemble. Each lamp is polarity protected, ECE and EMC approved.

Dimensions: 94.5 (W) x 94.5 (H) x 24.2 (D) mm


This range can be added to pods containing 1, 2, 3 and 4 lamps and the functions can be combined to suit the intended use. For our full range of rear lamps please click here.


Rubbolite provide a 2 year warranty across the whole of this range.

For more information on which functions you need please contact our sales team on 01543 270270.