Rubbolite Model 800 Rear Multifunction Lamp

Model 800 Rubbolite Multifunction Lamp

Part No.Description
800/01/00Stop/Tail/Fog/Reverse/DI Reflex RH
800/01/01Stop/Tail/Reverse/DI Reflex LH
800/05/00Stop/Tail/DI Reflex RH/LH
800LED/01/0024V LED Stop/Tail/Fog/Reverse/DI Reflex RH
800LED/01/0124V LED Stop/Tail/Reverse/DI Reflex LH
800LED/05/0024V LED Stop/Tail/DI Reflex RH/LH
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Rubbolite 12MONTHS 2years

Model 800 Rubbolite Multifunction Lamp


Model 800 is a trailer multifunction lamp which is available with LED diodes or traditional bulb options and includes stop, tail, direction indicator functions for both left and right hand sides.


The Model 800 lamp is one of the most popular trailer lamps in the UK and it now uses LED technology to reduce the power consumption and extend the life of the lamp by up to 600 hours. The use of LED diodes ensures a more defined illumination and concentrated beam pattern. However, if you prefer a traditional bulb lamp these are still available to order. The lamp features a robust rubber housing unit for all versions. The 800 range is designed to be fitted in under 5 minutes.

Dimensions: 384 (W) x 150 (H) x 90 (D) mm.


You can view our full range of rear multifunction and single function lamps by visiting our Rear Lamps page.


Rubbolite provide a 12 month warranty on the bulb options and a 2 year warranty on the LED versions.

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