Rubbolite Model 784 LED Rear Lamps

Rubbolite Model 784 LED Rear Lamps

Part No.Description
784/01/2110-30V Rear S/T/DI/F/R Reflex Lamp - Clear LH
784/01/2210-30V Rear S/T/DI/F/R Reflex Lamp - Clear RH
784/02/2010-30V Rear S/T/DI/F Reflex Lamp - Clear
784/03/2010-30V Rear S/T/DI/R Reflex Lamp - Clear
784/05/2010-30V Rear S/T/DI/F/R Lamp - Clear
784/21/2110-30V Rear S/T/DI/F/R Reflex Lamp - Red/Amber LH
784/21/2210-30V Rear S/T/DI/F/R Reflex Lamp - Red/Amber RH
784/22/2010-30V Rear S/T/DI/F Reflex Lamp - Red/Amber
784/23/2010-30V Rear S/T/DI/R Reflex Lamp - Red/Amber
784/25/2010-30V Rear S/T/DI/R Lamp - Red/Amber
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Rubbolite  5years

Rubbolite Model 784 LED Rear Lamps


Brand new omni-volt Rubbolite Model 784 range of two pod LED rear lamps with a range of 10 to 30 volts. Available in various function combinations including fog and reverse, stop tail and indicator. The Model 784 range can be fitted to trucks, trailers, agricultural, construction and military vehicles.


This new range of Model 784 lamps are designed to be hard wearing and withstand harsh conditions associated with military and road going vehicles. Each unit has been hermetically sealed and come with a super sealed connector to ensure they are water proof. All wiring has been rated to IP68. This range is slimline to minimise the amount of replacements due to damage which is especially useful for military vehicles. A toughened polycarbonate lens has been bonded to aluminium housing for increased durability. EMC, ECE and ADR approved. Surface and panel mounting.

Dimensions: 225 (W) x 115 (H) x 23 (D) mm.


For a single pod version please see M780, two pod M782 and three pod M783. Alternatively please see Truck-Lite TL/45.


Rubbolite offer a comprehensive extended warranty on this range of lamps for a period of 5 years.

If you would like to discuss building rear lamps into wiring kits please contact one of our sales reps on 01543 270270.