Rubbolite Model 550 Marker Lamps

Model 550 Rubbolite Marker Lamp

Part No.Description
550/01/00Front Marker Lamp
550/02/00Rear Marker Lamp
550/03/00Side Marker Lamp
550/08/00ABS Marker Lamp
550ADR/01/00Front Marker Lamp ADR
550ADR/02/00Rear Marker Lamp ADR
550ADR/08/00Side Marker Lamp ADR
7534Rear Lens
7535Front Lens
7546Side Lens
7690ABS Lens
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Rubbolite 12MONTHS

Model 550 Rubbolite Marker Lamp


The Model 550 range includes front, side, rear markers and ABS monitor lamp suitable for all commercial vehicles, trailers, tractors and buses.


Front, rear and side markers using a traditional bulb lamp available with CE or conduit gland connectors for tankers.

Dimensions: 115 (W) x 54.5 (H) x 34 (D) mm.


This range also includes an ADR version for tankers. Lenses can be ordered as replacements along with lamp holder and bezel.


Rubbolite give a 12 month warranty across this range.

For more information on this range please contact our sales team by filling in our short form.