Rubbolite Model 133 Number Plate Lamp

Model 133 Rubbolite Number Plate Lamp

Part No.Description
133/01/00Numberplate Lamp Single Pole
133/01/50Numberplate Lamp Double Pole
5058Top Housing
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Model 133 Rubbolite Number Plate Lamp


Model 133 is a small but hard-wearing number plate lamp available in a traditional bulb and can be fitted to both trucks and trailers.


This number plate lamp comes with either a single or double pole and rubber housing. Each lamp connects via a flying lead connector and has a harness length of 200mm.

Dimensions: 76 (W) x 69 (H) x 66 (D) mm.


There are number plate lamps available which use LED lighting if that is preferred. Alternatives can be found here.


This Truck-Lite product comes with a 1 year warranty.

For more information on differences between traditional lamps to alternative LED lamps, contact us.