PM1207 LED End Outline Marker

PM1207 LED End Outline Marker

Part No.Description
PM-120712/24V End Outline Marker
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UKAP 3years

PM1207 LED End Outline Marker


This LED 3 function end outline and side marker lamp is available with dual voltage options, 12 and 24 volt and can be surface mounted with 2 screws. The PM1207 is suitable to be fitted to all commercial vehicles including trucks and trailers.


Super bright LED diodes means this lamp is perfect for marker lamps as they increase visibility and have a concentrated beam. This marker lamp comes with a 2 metre cable with partially stripped wires and has an IP rating of IP67 to stop any dirt or water ingress to the wire. The PM1207 is fully certified to ECE standards for all functions when mounted vertically.

Dimensions: 101 (W) x 82 (H) x 66 (D) mm.


If you prefer a stalk lamp please view Model 841. This lamp is mounted with 2 screws.


UK Automotive Products offer a 3 year warranty on this lamp.

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