PM1200 LED Marker Lamps

PM1200 LED Marker Lamps

Part No.Description
PM-1200A12/24V Amber Side Marker
PM-1200R12/24V Red Front Outline Marker
PM-1200C12/24V Clear Front Outline Marker
PM-B1200-09HHorizontal Bracket
PM-B1200-09VVertical Bracket
PM-B1200-09XChrome Bezel
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UKAP  2years

PM1200 LED Marker Lamps


Multi voltage 9-32 volt single function LED front, rear and side markers that can be fitted to trucks, trailers, utility and construction vehicles.


Each front, rear and side marker unit has been heat sealed so that no water or dirt ingress can affect the way the lamp works. The use of LED technology means that each lamp has a 100, 000 hour rated life, reduced wasted energy and low power consumption. This PM1200 range is easy to fir and can be mounted both horizontally and vertically and comes with a reflective lens. All have been ECE approved and IP rated to IP67.

Dimensions: 100 (W) x 50 (H) x 15 (D) mm.


If you would prefer a different shaped lamp our Model 890 range is our most popular.


UKAP provide a 2 year warranty on all of this PM1200 range.

For more information on the benefits of building marker lamps into wiring harnesses please contact us.