Rubbolite Model 820 Junction Box

Model 820 Rubbolite Junction Box

Part No.Description
820/02/043L/4R Marker Lamps, 1L/1R Multifunction Rear Lamp, 0 Stop/Tail, 2 Fog, 2 Stop
820/03/042L/2R Marker Lamps, 1L/1R Multifunction Rear Lamp, 3L/3R Stop/Tail, 1 Fog, 1 Stop
88618Connector Assembly
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Model 820 Rubbolite Junction Box


Rubbolite Model 820 junction box for the distribution of electrics within trucks and trailers. Will suit 24 volt vehicles.


This junction box Rubbolite Model 820 contains six DIN style connectors for use in plug and play lighting systems. Each super sealed connector helps to distribute the electric whilst protecting the wires housed inside it. Model 820 must be mounted flat in a horizontal orientation.


For custom built bespoke junction boxes please contact our technical team direct on 01543 270270.


Rubbolite provide a 12 month warranty with Model 820.

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