Perei M60 LED Marker Lamp

Model 60 Marker Lamp

Part No.Description
FM60W-0019-33V Front Marker with 500mm Cable
FM60SS-0019-33V Front Marker SS
RM60W-0019-33V Rear Marker with 500mm Cable
RM60SS-0019-33V Rear Marker SS
AM60W-0019-33V ABS Warning with 500mm Cable
AM60SS-0019-33V ABS Warning SS
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Model 60 Marker Lamp


The M60 Perei range of markers comes with rear, front and ABS single function lamps. This M60 Perei range uses a variable voltage and makes it suitable for all commercial vehicles including trucks and trailers, agricultural and utility and buses and coaches.


A low cost compact marker solution with minimal power consumption using LED technology for extra brightness. This M60 Perei range of lamps comes with the option of super sealed connectors or wired connectors with 500mm cable all of which have been IP rated to IP67 to stop any water ingress. ECE approval has been met across this range of marker lamps. Using an M4 screw means they are easy to install. Each lamp is attractive and low profile which helps to reduce the amount of breakages and replacements needed, this is further enhanced by the use of LED diodes.

Dimensions: 70.8 (W) x 24.4 (H) x 41.8 (D) mm.


UKAP offer a whole range of signal lighting to suit all commercial vehicle needs please view our signal lamps page for more information.


Perei offer a 12 month warranty across the lamps in the M60 range.

For more information on how to build marker lamps into wiring harnesses please contact our sales team on 01543 270270.