Low Profile LED Light Bar

Low Profile LED Light Bar

Part No.Description
SL-6310112/24V Helios FX Amber Light Bar 90cm
SL-6410112/24V Helios FX Amber Light Bar 120cm
SL-6110112/24V FX Amber Light Bar - Clear 50cm
SL-6210112/24V FX Amber Light Bar - Clear 60cm
SL-6510112/24V FX Amber Light Bar - Clear 150cm
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UKAP 5years

Low Profile LED Light Bar


This standard range of Peterson low profile high powered LED light bars is available in dual voltage (12/24V) but can be specified by the user to include a range of function including cover and diode colours, lengths, sirens and speakers plus further options. These light bars can be used for applications including utility and fleet.


These standard high powered light bars are extremely low profile and stand at just 5.4cm high with polycarbonate lenses, top covers and aluminium bases. There are 5 selectable flash patterns with both the Linear and FX variants and an all important power boost option which doubles the light intensity of the bar during adverse weather conditions. Also included is a dimming mode for night time use. This LED light bar range is rated to IP54 externally and IP67 internally to ensure the safe housing of all electrical wiring and meets ECE R65 and EMC approval levels.


The Helios range of LED light bars includes specification options for both the Linear and FX versions:

  • Top cover, lens and LED diode colours – clear, grey, amber, blue
  • Stop/tail/indicator modules
  • Work lights
  • Centre sections – with or without illumination and lettering
  • Sirens and speakers
  • Alternative lengths and LED diode positioning


Peterson provide a 5 year warranty across the whole of the Helios range.

To give us your specification please fill in our short form and a member of the sales team will get back to you.