Insulated Terminals

Insulated terminals

Part No.Description
UKIR 1.5-2.2Insulated Ring Terminal
UKIR 1.5-3.2Insulated Ring Terminal
UKIR1.5-3.2NInsulated Ring Terminal
UKIR1.5-3.7Insulated Ring Terminal
UKIR1.5-4.3Insulated Ring Terminal
UKIR1.5-5.3Insulated Ring Terminal
UKIR1.5-6.5Insulated Ring Terminal
UKIR1.5-8.5Insulated Ring Terminal
UKIR1.5-10Insulated Ring Terminal
UKIR1.5-12Insulated Ring Terminal
UKIS1.5-1.5Insulated Splice Terminal
UKIPOM1.5-4.8Insulated Push On Male Terminal
UKIPOM1.5-6.3Insulated Push On Male Terminal
UKIPO1.5-2.8TITotally Insulated Push On Terminal
UKIPO1.5-2.8XTITotally Insulated Push On Terminal
UKIPO1.5-4.8TITotally Insulated Push On Terminal
UKIPO1.5-4.8XTITotally Insulated Push On Terminal
UKIPO1.5-6.3TITotally Insulated Push On Terminal
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Insulated terminals


Insulated terminals manufactured from copper or brass. Designed to be highly conductive for use in the commercial vehicle industry. Generally these insulated terminals comply with the relevant regulations. As standard UKAP keep ring, splice, push on males and totally insulated male push on. Other options are available please contact our sales team on 01543 270270.

All sizes are in millimetres.