Brigade Cornerscan System

Brigade Cornerscan Sensor

Part No.Description
CS-4000WCornerscan Sensor System
LS-20-ALow Speed Trigger Module
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Brigade Cornerscan Sensor


Brigade Cornerscan sensor system complete with three sensors and available in 12-24 volts. This system can be fitted to freight, waste, bus, coach, plant and specialist vehicles and vans. The Brigade cornerscan is fitted to the nearside corner of vehicle cab to detect items in the nearside blind spot.


The Brigade Cornerscan system has been designed to improve vehicle safety when manoeuvring and turning whilst reversing at low speeds using ultrasonic sensors. In addition this system helps to reduce the amount of damage that is done to vehicles. Obstacles within the 0.6/1.0 meter detection range are alerted within 200 milliseconds. This system can be flush mounted to the nearside of the vehicle. Brigade Cornerscan is activated when the vehicle is put into reverse but can also have an option where the system kicks in once a designated speed is reached. Gives an audible distance warning to the driver. The Brigade Cornerscan kit includes:

• 3 x Sensors  • Buzzer  • 3 x 11° flush mount fixings  • 3 x 18° flush mount fixings  • 3 x 26° flush mount fixings • Waterproof control box  • 2.5m buzzer cable  • 3 x 2.5m sensor cables


The Brigade Cornerscan system works great with other object detection kits including Backscan, Frontscan and Sidescan.


Brigade provide a 2 year warranty with the Cornerscan kit.

To find out more information on the Brigade Cornerscan system please call our sales team on 01543 270270.