Brigade Backeye 360 Select Camera System

Backeye 360 Select Camera System

Part No.Description
BN360-000Full camera system including 4 cameras and an ECU
SE-770D-100Backeye 360 Select Monitor and Cable
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Backeye 360 Select Camera System


The Brigade Backeye 360 is a full camera system designed to be fitted to vans, freight, plant and waste vehicles covering both 12 and 24 volt versions. The camera system removes the blind spot using four cameras to take a real time birds eye view of the surrounding area. Includes a split screen view with reverse camera which changes when in reverse.


The Brigade Backeye 360 is the ultimate in 360 degree angle cameras. Four ultra wide angle cameras cover the entire vehicle in real time and remove blind spots. Each camera submits a clear image to the ECU and gives a birds eye view of the vehicle. The four images are then digitally stitched together to give one image of the area surrounding the vehicle. The setting up of the camera system is relatively simple and can be completed within around 20 minutes. On screen there are distance markers and a split screen that changes when the vehicle is in reverse. Helps reduce the number of accidents and collisions with vehicles and pedestrians as you never lose sight of the object. IP68 rated housing to stop any water ingress affecting the performance of the camera system.


The Select camera system is part of the Backeye 360 range from Brigade, for a mid range camera system please see the Elite.

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