Body Builder Case Study

We have worked with UK Automotive Products since 2007 and were purchasing commercial vehicle  lighting, reversing aids and monitoring systems. It got to a stage where we were struggling to employ highly qualified electricians who would deliver the same job with consistent quality. Each job completion time depended on the person fitting it which meant there was no standard finish.

To combat this problem we wanted to develop  a plug and play system which meant we no longer required highly skilled people to install the wiring harnesses. The continuous changes in the chassis world also meant that they were becoming more complex which in turn made our job more complicated. At the time there were no other companies offering this type of service apart from the manufacturers who were charging triple the price as they had the monopoly. Another problem we were facing was the manufacturers looms didn’t satisfy our customers’ needs as we ended up having to cut into the harness and therefore invalidating the warranty.

Simon worked really closely with Paul and Tony at UKAP to develop some simple wiring kits for standard trucks and we started with a DAF. Our ultimate goal was to achieve standardisation across all of our different chassis’. The result was a groundbreaking system that can be adapted and modified to fit all our requirements.

Some of the major benefits we have seen are:

  • Productivity – this has massively improved as the time spent per cab has been drastically reduced; the fact that less skilled staff can fit the looms means we have more people to work on the trucks
  • Element of risk – this has been removed for our customers as there is an extended warranty attached to the wiring looms from UKAP equal to the manufacturers
  • Reduced costs – on replacement lamps alone has been sky high because we have chosen to use a range of LED lighting which are sealed to stop any ingress
  • Ease of use – the need to drill into the chassis base has gone which moves to a more modern plug and play system which can be installed by less experienced people
  • Safely housed – the use of over moulding ensures that all the electrical wires are IP rated to stop any water or dirt ingress affecting the looms

The beauty of the system we have in place with UK Automotive Products is that it is ever evolving and changing to cope with new additions and developments. This is especially important with the Euro 6 chassis as they have a wide range of changes from the manufacturers.