Why install a camera system?

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Remove blind spots, reduce accidents and stop vehicle damage – here are just a few reasons why.

Over the past five years more and more large companies are making the decision to add camera systems to trucks and trailers. This is in an effort to combat the extended length and height of many commercial vehicles. There are many benefits to the company for doing this.

But why are choosing to do this?

  • Blind spots – the function of a camera system is to remove the blind spots and help the driver be more aware of their surroundings.
  • Accidents – reduces the amount of accidents on the roads, especially those concerning pedestrians and cyclists (which is a real problem in London).
  • Damage – reduced vehicle damage and downtime.
  • Claims – recording camera systems are used in court as evidence in the drivers defence. The amount of claims being made against companies is lowered due to fewer incidents.
  • Money – ultimately installing camera systems can save £1000’s in compensation, court fees and damage to vehicles. Insurance premiums are often reduced when a camera system is in place.
  • Laws and legislation – many of the European directives require the removal of blind spots on commercial vehicles.

There are a whole range of camera systems available including the Gemineye K7000B system from the ECCO group.

For more information contact the sales office on 01543 270270.