New Range of LED Marker Lamps

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Introducing new look LED marker lamps

LED marker lamps are a standard part of commercial vehicle lighting. That doesn’t mean they have to all look the same. Our latest range of LED marker lamps are designed for those who want to stand out on the road. The entire range are suitable for light and heavy duty commercial vehicles. This includes trucks, trailers, specialist, buses, coaches, waste and plant vehicles. All the lamps come with selectable 12-24 volts as standard.

W65 - LED Rear Marker Lamp W65 - LED Front Marker Lamp W65 - LED Side Marker Lamp

With their oval shape and reflecting lens these W65 front, side and rear LED markers are really appealing. They are low profile which reduces the amount of replacements due to breakages. Each lamp has two super bright LED diodes sealed within the lens. To stop any water or dirt affecting the lamp they have all been rated to IP66.

LED outline marker lamps

Single diode LED marker lamps that can be fitted to the front or rear of the vehicle. These lamps are small in size due to the use of LED technology. LED diodes can be made much smaller than traditional bulb lamps. These LED outline marker lamps can be mounted on both left and right hand sides of the vehicle. These are W80 rear and front outline lamps and W24 rear outline lamps.

W80 Front Outline Lamp W24 LED Rear Outline Marker W80 LED Rear Outline Lamp

UKAP can build marker lamps into wiring harness kits. For more information on this please call our team on 01543 270270.

We have a full range of marker lamps in both LED and bulb options available on our Marker Lamps page.