Automotive Wiring Harness Kits

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What’s the fuss all about?

We have designed and developed over 150 automotive wiring16200 DAF Wiring Harness harness kits. Our plug and play system is really flexible and can be adapted for use on various vehicle types. Whilst we have a range of LED markers by Rubbolite we welcome any changes clients may have to make the harnesses bespoke. Typically our automotive wiring harness kits contain side markers and looms. Add ons include high level brake lamps, rear and front markers, number plate lamps and reverse alarms.

Our automotive wiring harness range covers all of the mainstream chassis including:



There are many benefits associated with wiring harnesses. Here are just a few.

Increased productivity – the time spent on each vehicle is reduced as there is no need to drill into the chassis of the vehicle.

Overmoulded connectors – all our connectors are overmoulded at the point where the wire meets the connector. This stops any water or dirt getting into the electrical wires.

Type Approval – our range of harnesses are all designed to comply with the European Whole Vehicle Type Approval legislation. Each kit comes with a technical drawing, bill of material and approval numbers.

Flexibility – all our kits can be altered to match your specification or be adapted for a vehicle type.

For more information please see our Wiring Harness Kit page. You can also speak to one of our team by calling 01543 270270.