The Benefits of the LED Work Lamp

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The commercial vehicle market is moving towards a blanket use of LED technology for new builds.


Here at UKAP we have always championed the use of LED’s within the commercial vehicle market and during 2014 we saw a significant increase in their use. Both on new builds and retrofitting to older vehicles. There is one particular area where we have seen a dramatic upturn in popularity and that is LED work lamps. Part of the auxiliary lighting section the work lamp has traditionally been a halogen bulb but in recent years LED has been preferred by body builders, the military and people in charge of specifying. Using LED work lamps has a range of benefits:

  • LED’s drastically reduce the amount of wasted energy as the diodes don’t get hot to the touch like a traditional bulb lamp.
  • There is no warm up or cool down time required so there is a lower power consumption.
  • The output is not only high powered but the beam can be concentrated which leads to safer working environments.
  • The light given off is closer to daylight than any other type of lamp which is perfect for low light conditions and working at night.
  • You are less likely to have to replace an LED work lamp as the diodes are sealed for protection against water and dirt ingress.
  • Compact sized high powered diodes mean the LED work lamp is smaller and sleeker and therefore less likely to be damaged.

On the whole we predict a huge rise in the next five years in the use of LED work lamps within the commercial vehicle industry. If you are interested in finding out more about LED work lamps and other commercial vehicle lighting then please contact a member of our sales team on 01543 270270 or send an email to

Here are a couple of our best selling LED work lamps.


171001 LED Work Lamp with a 600 Lumen Output 171002 LED Work Lamp with a 700 Lumen Output


171003 LED Work Lamp with a 1200 Lumen Output 171004 LED Work Lamp with a 1400 Lumen Output