Reducing Accidents on the Road

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Remove blind spots and make the roads safer


Although there are a wide variety of products on the market designed to reduce the amount of collisions and accidents on the road the number is still high. In particular the number of cyclist and pedestrian fatalities is increasing. There are around 19500 accidents involving cyclists every year with over 100 people killed and a further 3100 seriously injured, 75% of these occur in urban and built up areas.

UKAP constantly search for new products which can help to reduce these figures. Large distribution, haulage and retail companies are now taking action to reduce blind spots in a bid to make our roads safer.  Brigade Electronics are at the forefront of vehicle safety and UKAP are now stockists of their products. Using ultrasonic obstacle detection to alert drivers of the distance between them and the obstacle.


The back scan system is fitted to the rear of the vehicle to help with reversing. There is a large detection range of up to 2.5 meters. The system is activated when the vehicle is put in reverse gear to reduce accidents at work and on the road. Additional options include:

  • Adaption for fitting to articulated vehicles
  • 3 stage visual warning display


The side scan system has four sensors which are positioned along the nearside of the vehicle. Each sensor has a range of between 1.0 and 1.5 meters dependant on the application. An audible warning is given to the driver if an obstacle falls within this distance thus reducing the amount of collisions.

Add on products are available including:

  • External speaking alarm to alert pedestrians and cyclists
  • System activated below designated speed
  • System activated by turn indicator
  • Can be adapted to fit articulated vehicles

Stepscan addressing the protection of the vehicle by being positioned on the nearside cab step. The system alerts the driver when objects are within a 0.6 to 1.0 meter range which otherwise would go undetected. The system is only activated when the vehicle is in reverse gear. The Cornerscan removes the front nearside blind spot and stops damage to the vehicle cab during manoeuvring and reversing. Three sensors are fitted around the nearside corner and has a 0.6 to 1.0 meter detection range. Frontscan comprises of four sensors that are fitted across the front of the vehicle which helps during manoeuvring at low speeds. This system is especially useful for vehicles with high cabs.

StepscanZone CornerscanZone FrontscanZone

Each system can be fitted to a wide range of vehicles including:

  • Freight – light and heavy duty
  • Waste and refuse trucks
  • Buses and coaches
  • Vans including long and short wheelbases
  • Specialist tankers

All these systems can be ordered through UKAP please contact Tony on 01543 270270.