360 Degree Camera System

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Backeye 360 Elite Camera System Backeye 360 Select Camera System

All new 360 degree camera systems now available


UKAP pride ourselves on being up to date with new technologies and products on the market. Especially products that help to reduce collisions and accidents. The 360 degree camera systems cover the vehicle from all angles. Each kit comes with four wide angle cameras which are placed in specified positions. Each camera submits an image which are digitally stitched together to create a real time birds eye view video of the vehicle and surrounding area.

Some of the benefits of installing a 360 degree camera system are:

  • An all round view of the vehicle in one image
  • Removes blind spots
  • Reduces the number of accidents
  • The distance and viewing area can be altered to the vehicle type
  • Customisable triggers (for example enhanced rear view when reversing)
  • Smooth video output
  • Lowers insurance premiums
  • Can be fitted to a wide range of vehicles

The beauty of these types of camera systems is they can be built to fit any vehicle. This includes freight, bus, plant and waste. The viewing area distance is variable and can reach up to 18 metres. When working on construction sites and within quarries a larger viewing distance is really important in reducing on site deaths and accidents.

We work with a range of manufacturers so we can offer the widest range of 360 degree camera systems. Off the shelf the Backeye 360 Degree Camera System is really popular and available in both Select and Elite models. We also build systems to bespoke specifications.

If you would like more information on this please contact a member of our sales team by filling in our short form. Alternatively please call 01543 270270.