High Powered LED Work Lamps

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Two of our most popular LED work lamps are due back in stock next week due to demand.

171001 Work Lamp


Our 171001 and 171003 lamps are both high powered LED work lamps ideal for working in low light conditions. Our clients currently using them include coach and body builders, specifiers and fleets, agricultural and construction vehicles. Both work lamps contain LED diodes that are designed to increase the flood pattern giving higher visibility. LED technology ensures that all energy reaching the lamp is used and there is no wastage, whilst having a low power consumption.

171003 Work LampFeatures

  • Variable voltage for maximum flexibility and use on all vehicles.
  • Double insulated cable.
  • IP rated to IP67 to stop any water or dust ingress affecting the performance of the lamp.
  • Long lasting LED diodes extends the life of the lamp.
  • Universal mount for use on all vehicles.
  • ECE approved.

All the products within this range have a large output lumen for working at night and in adverse conditions. The stainless steel universal mounting bracket rotates up to 60 degrees for maximum coverage. Each lamp has a die cast aluminium housing for maximum protection.

If you would like more information on our range of LED work lamps please contact our sales team on 01543 270270 or email sales@ukautomotive.co.uk