April 2014 – Lamp vs. LED

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LED lighting is becoming more and more popular with body builders, OEM and specifiers. LED lamps have an extended life, a low power consumption, concentrated beam patterns and are potted which reduces the amount of breakages compared to bulbs. TL/81 Truck-Lite Square LED Work Lamp

With an overall brighter and vibrant appearance LED lighting is not only being used in essential commercial vehicle lighting but in auxiliary lighting including work lamps and warning beacons. LED lights are an energy efficient alternative to traditional lamps as they require no warm up time and they give off no heat – this drastically reduces the amount of wasted energy.  Add to this the extended life of an LED lamp; this can even be up to the life of the vehicle in some cases.

One of the main advantages for specifiers is that they can choose the light pattern and have more control over the look of the lamp.

LED lighting is also great for increased visibility, working in extreme temperature conditions and can be housed within a compact unit.

For more information on how to upgrade to LED lamps call 01543 270270.